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Thread: WTB : cheap as chips speaker stands - will pay cash and collect , london

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    Default WTB : cheap as chips speaker stands - will pay cash and collect , london

    As the title suggests looking for some cheap and cheerful speaker stands to gift my brother for Christmas as he is always winging his speakers donít sound their best propped up on random bits of furniture.

    The speakers in question are the old large bookshelf castle Kendal IIís , so something to fit them .

    Iím london locates but with a car so can drive if itís worth the trip . Will pay cash and try to be a pleasure in general .

    Anyone got anything collecting dust ?

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    I'm Mark.


    There are usually lots going cheap on you-know-wherebay, not too much to go wrong with these particular items..

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    What’s wrong with bricks? I used to stand one of my turntables on baked bean cans - or that’s what they might have been. The cans didn’t have labels, and I’m not sure if we ever found out what was in them.

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    I think I have a pair in my shed , Will have a look tomorrow if my location is doable for you re collecting

    £25 the pair , Let me know
    Please note , I cant spell , now you all know

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    I’ve some decent, solid stands that I’ve listed probably on the next page now.

    60cm tall and mass loadable. All spikes and bolts present. In black and boxed too

    As prices, can send them for £45
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    Ikea stools? Real wood :-)

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