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Thread: Hello from Germany

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    Join Date: Dec 2019

    Location: Germany

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    I'm Greg.

    Default Hello from Germany

    Hello i am Greg 35 years old and live in Germany.
    My preference are more Headphone things.And a little bit the Stereo section.

    why i am here?
    I love the british Soundsignature. I have heard many things,and i missing something.And who i buy my first British dac i sayed directly this is it what i searched over the Time.

    So i hope i can learning more about the British Sound and many more.

    I heard all lots of Music thems who i find it good. So is difficult to say what is my preference.

    My Setup

    Cambridge Audio Dac Magic
    Fostex Hp A3 with Burson Viviv V6 Opa

    Pre amps
    Schiit Magni and Vali 2

    Equalizer Sciit Loki

    Fostex TR X 00 Mahagony
    Denon Ah D 7200

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    Location: Italy

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    I'm Eugenio.


    Hello Greg!
    Welcome on board
    My system:
    Analog sources: modified Technics SL-1210 Mk2, , Benz/Empire Troubadour 698 LTD
    Cartridges: Van den Hul Grasshopper IV GLA, Lyra Delos, Transfiguration Spirit, Ortofon MC-20 Super, Denon DL-103 SA
    Digital source: Denon DVD A1 (modified by Aurion Audio) - Apple Mac Mini + Schiit Eitr
    Phonostage: Esoteric EC-03
    Power Amp: Pathos InPower *2
    Preamp: Pathos InControl
    Loudspeakers:Manger Swing + Subsonice
    Headphones: Denon AH D2000

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    I'm Shane.


    Howdy! Welcome to AOS.

    Have fun.

    Shane Lonergan.

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    Join Date: Dec 2019

    Location: Germany

    Posts: 16
    I'm Greg.


    Thank you guys

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Greg. Welcome to AOS.

    Join in the chat and get to know the members.

    I'm sure you'll find plenty to interest you.

    Enjoy the forum,
    Official consultant wigmaker to Ant & Dec

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Greg.

    Enjoy the Forum

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