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Thread: Been away for a while, so thought i'd re-introduce myself

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    I'm Rich.

    Default Been away for a while, so thought i'd re-introduce myself

    Hi All

    I've been away from the HiFi scene for a while, I have had some personal and family issues, but things are looking a wee bit better now.

    I have decided I need to downgrade my system and raise some money for the family, so we can do more things together. So i'll be selling some much loved kit in the near future.

    I was mindful that I haven't posted for a while and sent Marco a message a few weeks ago outlining the above, I didn't want to seem that I was just returning to sell things.

    If anything - although it's breaking my heart having to downsize - I'm trying to see it as a fresh start, so i'll be on here more regularly regardless.

    I'll be selling an Audio Note OTO Phono SE (the current style) and a Audio Note DAC 2 (which is equivalent to a DAC 3) both have just been serviced with full reports. The biggest heartbreak will be selling the Garrard 301 - a lovely schedule 2, which was worked on by Audio Grail before I had it and with a magnificent AN Arm 2.

    I still live in Lewes, still love The Baggies and now sing in a band. Favourite bands are still Nick Cave, The Stones, Nick Drake, John Matyn, Bill Callahan and most Krautrock - I could go on all day.

    Anyway, it's great to be back, I've really missed this place - i'm keeping my Heco Direkts (Bourney - keep yours mate!) and my Marantz PM4 and looking forward to building a cheaper system around those beauties.



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    I'm gone.


    Welcome back, Rich.
    Sorry to hear you've been having a difficult time.
    Hope all goes well for you from now.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Rich. Welcome back! You've not been away as long as some do.
    Official consultant wigmaker to Ant & Dec

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    I'm Mike.


    Sorry to hear about your troubles Rich.

    Life's about more than just stuff, so it'll all turn out cool
    My kit, subject to change, frequently -

    TT's: Audio Grail 401, Audiomods arm and Hana SL cart, Technics SL-10 with 310MC cart
    Amps: Denon PMA-850, TVC pre / N.E.W. A60 power
    CD Players: Puresound, Micromega Stage 2, Doge 6
    Music discovery: Tidal on Cambridge Audio CXN
    Speakers: Transmission Audio M1i's
    RCM: Okki Nokki 2
    Wires: Yep - connect stuff together

    Hi-Fi's pretty cool, but music's betterer

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    Join Date: Sep 2009

    Location: Lewes, E Sussex

    Posts: 374
    I'm Rich.


    Thanks for the kind words chaps - much appreciated

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Hello Rich, welcome back to AoS

    Sorry to hear of your difficulties - but as others have said, it's only stuff, and once you are better placed you can start again.

    The amplifier and DAC look great. Good luck with the sale.


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    I'm Graham.


    Welcome back rich, hope u can get a new system together soon ��

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