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Thread: What a nice forum I stumbled across yesterday

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    I'm Marcel.

    Lightbulb What a nice forum I stumbled across yesterday

    Hi everybody, I was just looking for some Radford Tuner info when I stumbled across this forum yesterday. I instantly liked it.
    Tuner restorations are a small part of my hobby, audio equipment restorations in general, which is, as it happens, also my daily occupation that brings the peanut butter to my bread. Or the duck breast to the frying pan.
    But no mistake, all my love for electronics is only valid as the vehicle to enjoy music, which is my greatest passion, together with (some) cars and (some) girls, a good life in general and quality food&drink in particular. Started in the '60s with building small FM transmitters, -radio was quickly developing as a hobby- when I put an old, banished to the attic, radio's wires into the wall outlet-and blew the loudspeaker. Then I discovered stereo on a mono record player on which I connected the other channel to a ceramic earphone, my goodness what an experience that was! This sparked my eternal love for Mireille Mathieu. Building transmitters resulted quickly in a race for the best sound and the most stable FM signal, so perfectionism appeared to be a strong motivator. 9-stage 100W tube transmitters, and stereocoders/modulators that withstood the high RF energy levels...Soon this ended and shifted towards playing music an developing a seriously good music system. Working in a hifi shop definitely shaped my tastes and preferences. Since 1976 professionally engaged in hifi till this day, restoring, developing, upgrading all kinds of audio equipment that was/is destined to bring real musical joy in homes, in concert halls, on open air festivals. And enjoying my 4000 record collection and 2000 cd collection, from ZZ Top via Bach Beethoven & Mozart Stravinsky to Rush and Miles and Diana Krall and Kari Bremnes and Joni Mitchell and John McLaughlin and John Scofield, Bill Frisell, Fripp Eno David Sylvian...to name but a few...Anyway, I'll enjoy this forum, hope you do too.

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    I'm bernard.


    Welcome Marcel
    Enjoy the forum

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    I'm Shane.


    Howdy! Welcome to AOS.

    Have fun.

    Shane Lonergan.

    Home Hi-Fi Chat UK (Facebook Group)

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    I'm Eugenio.


    Welcome on board! :-)
    My system:
    Analog sources: modified Technics SL-1210 Mk2, , Benz/Empire Troubadour 698 LTD
    Cartridges: Van den Hul Grasshopper IV GLA, Lyra Delos, Transfiguration Spirit, Ortofon MC-20 Super, Denon DL-103 SA
    Digital source: Denon DVD A1 (modified by Aurion Audio) - Apple Mac Mini + Schiit Eitr
    Phonostage: Esoteric EC-03
    Power Amp: Pathos InPower *2
    Preamp: Pathos InControl
    Loudspeakers:Manger Swing + Subsonice
    Headphones: Denon AH D2000

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Marcel. Welcome to AOS.

    Yes, you've come to the right place for info on Radford and other good vintage brands. There's a big following of classic equipment here.

    If you want to discuss your tuner, I'd suggest starting a thread in our Past Masters section and asking your questions.

    Join in the general chat, everybody is friendly and there's plenty going on.

    Enjoy the forum,
    "when common sense, logic and plausibility are excluded. All that remain are foolishness and lies"

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