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Thread: van Damme speaker cables?

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    I'm Stephen.

    Default van Damme speaker cables?

    In an earlier post, Lawrence 001 expressed a liking for van Damme speaker cables.
    Can anyone suggest a supplier for these or even post a link for me?
    Is terminated preferable or DIY?

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm Rob.


    I have some 4mm speaker cable (blue sheath). IMO a reasonable no-nonsense cable.
    Buy Bose...And get your parking validated!.


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    I'm Dave.


    Here you go :


    I've always gone for terminated

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    2m terminated pair Van Damme 2.5mm Blue here on ebay. It's the last pair this seller has.

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    I'm Shane.


    I use Blue 2.5mm ones. Very good value and a steal. Another shout for Mark Grant.

    Shane Lonergan.

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    I'm Deleted.


    Mark Grant is super easy to deal with. Personally, I bought some 4mm Tour Grade Black from an eBay seller (new) and terminated it myself.
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    I'm Stephen.


    Thanks for the information, everyone. Order placed!!

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    The Hifi range is the best cable.
    I’ve had Blue and this, so feel at liberty to say that.
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    ive been using the hifi cable for a few years (4mm),a few months back i went up to 6mm. it doesn't seem to lack anywhere,just a good quality copper cable that doesn't get in the way of the music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyke View Post
    Thanks for the information, everyone. Order placed!!
    So which one did you order??

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