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I want to change my telly as it's developed the dreaded Samsung magenta noise, large purple blobs on the screen which means the LED array is failing. I'll look for a Black Friday deal but many retailers have good deals anyway.
We got a Toshiba TV last year - it was around £100 cheaper than a week later. It took ages to "tame" it, as the instructions are rubbish, and some of the features may not work (recording to a memory stick, for example). However, we do use it, and for more normal use (i.e. watching TV programmes - which is what these things are made for ....) it's pretty good. It is a UHD set, and with appropriate inputs it's good - for the money. I'm prepared to believe my friends that a set costing £2k would be better, but this one was under £300. Another good feature it has is that it has both analogue signal inputs for Freeview, plus also inputs for Freesat.

So it is possible to get good or acceptable deals on TVs, based on experiences from previous years. Just check out the reviews (if there are any) of TVs which appear in any deals. For various reasons - perhaps connected with the change in my profile data - the set currently only gets an input from internet connected sources, or other external devices. I've failed totally to get a terrestrial broadcast signal, and I need to rewire or replace the satellite LNB and put in new cable.

Re the suggestion that "black Friday" should be renamed, many years ago a report in an American newspaper in describing a business, read something like "The company after several unprofitable years is now firmly in the African American"!

[If you need a hint to figure this out, let me know.]