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Thread: Using odd thickness cables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJSki2fly View Post
    [B]I have tried at least 6 different speaker cables over the years in my systems, including heavy 35amp mains cable, and sone work well and others don't.

    It may have been a few more but it could be embarrassing. I have some high end 1.5m 1.5” sausages from the he who can now be named, they are actually multi-cores and exceptionally clear and open sounding, I was using them for the top end and the Epics for the bass, but since getting the high stand one side does not reach, I am now using some monitor audio silvers to the top end. The MA’s I have had 25 years and would cost £100/m today, they are good but not best for the low end. I have tried Western Electrics and am thinking of bi-wiring with 12g to hi end and 16g to low end.

    Imo what you use is very dependant on amp and speaker combo, and there is no such thing as one size fits all in the cable department, and it can also be down to what you like your system to sound like.

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    Ooooh, sausages! Were they a one off build?

    Yes I agree that a lot of what cables do is very personal to the listener.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stryder5 View Post

    Sorry this is probably my ignorance, but you say you have a Naim Mu So nothing else?

    How did you use speakers

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    Just use a small stand mount with the thin cable and a big floor stand for the thick cable = sorted
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigman80 View Post

    Ooooh, sausages! Were they a one off build?

    Yes I agree that a lot of what cables do is very personal to the listener.
    I think the sausages were quite expensive when made, however I acquired them with a 2nd hand amp that had been pxd at a dealers. Later on I realised that they were probably quite special. In fact I think there are one or two very high end cable manufacturers that build cables on a similar principle today. Multiple cores of different metal compositions, tuned to address different frequencies and resistances, and carefully twisted and shielded, then supported in a foam tube.
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