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Thread: Looking for advice on speakers for a vintage amp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricardo View Post
    Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure about the AR 18's tho. They seem a little cheap as you said. My MS speakers were only 150 new. As I said, not bad but not really good enough to do the amp justice, methinks or are they? The amp would probably be about 1000 in today's money and they still sell for a couple of hundred or more. You're right about Bose. Useful for a casual listening thing but not sitting back and appreciating sound quality.
    Acoustic research were quality speakers back in the day and have stood the test of time, though because of there age may need some sprucing up if you source a pair on eBay like I did.
    So many vintage speakers around though there s no end of possibilities. Good luck in your hunt

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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    Hello Richard. Welcome to AOS.

    Some folk make tone controls and graphic equalisers work OK for them, but they are a bit frowned upon by the purists, as they interfere with the signal.

    If it's deep, solid bass you're after, you could do worse than look at the TDL transmission line speakers that are for sale in our Private Exhibitions section. I think they may well give you what you seek, if still available.

    Enjoy the forum,
    Thanks for the recommendation Geoff I'm sure my TDLs would be a great match for the Exposure and the price is such a bargain that they could be moved on quickly without loss if they didn't work out.

    Appreciate it's a bit of a trek down the M1 but I'm not far from the M25 on the north side so it could be worse. A no pressure demo with tea and biscuits is more than welcome, assuming they don't sell in the meanwhile.

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    PMC LB1, can't beat the synergy with Expo amps....
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