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Thread: LDA power supply feeding CDP

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    Default LDA power supply feeding CDP

    As I'm currently awaiting a new cart for my TT I've had to briefly return to digital and specifically, spinning CDs. Over the last few days I've mentioned to several people that I was rather underwhelmed by the sound, which was somewhat flat and uninvolving in comparison to my analogue set up.

    Anyway, this evening after recalling an email correspondence with Nick Gorham some months ago, I decided to connect my Bel Canto CDP to my Longdog quartz turntable power supply MKII (intended, as most will already know, for Garrard and Lenco TTs). Without putting too fine point on it, the result was pretty damn startling- a Eureka moment no less. The soundstage immediately swept outwards and the nuance and rhythm returned. 'High' by the Blue Nile grabbed the hairs on my neck and thrust me deep into my chair. I added the highly rated DAC-3 some months ago (now sold to help finance my vinyl adventure) and the improvement was not as dramatic or pleasing as this one. High praise indeed.

    I intend pursue this over a week or so to ensure it's not just one of these extreme 'manna from heaven' listening sessions that blesses us every now and then, however for now I'd say that if you have the LDA power supply and additional digital sources, this really is a must try...
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