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Thread: Hello from Los Angeles

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    I'm Gene.

    Default Hello from Los Angeles

    Currently I have a Pioneer VSX-59TXi receiver, Pioneer DSS-9 speakers (like the TAD studio monitors of the mid 80s era) AR3ax surrounds, and two 12" Rythmik Audio DS1200 subs in cabinets I designed.

    I was a live sound mixer & system designer since 1977 when I went to work for a sound company here in Los Angeles. Prior to that I sold stereo equipment at Pacific Stereo in the early 70s and played in rock bands. I sold a set of Infinity Servo Stats with Marantz separates and a Phase Linear 400 amp Thorens TT SME arm and such, very nice high end system for 1973. Back then I had a Marantz 3300 preamp too, and Dyna MKIII amps that I built without the kits when I was in high school, just the output transformers and of course the design came from Dynaco.

    I came here from a google link for info on Superex Pro-B headphones that I'm reconditioning. I already changed the caps but one side still isn't right. I bought 2 pairs off ebay so I'd have parts. Wish I still had mine from 45 years ago, they were awesome. In fact I wish I still had lots of cool sound gear I've used over the decades.
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    I'm Neil.


    Welcome to AoS
    Regards Neil

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Gene,

    I once came very close to buying a pair of AR3a speakers, but in the end went for a pair of Quad electrostatics. And with that, I would have loved to have heard the Infinity Servo Statics.

    Enjoy the Forum

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