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Thread: Quad 63s or 2805s?

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    I'm Richard.

    Default Quad 63s or 2805s?

    I have been looking for a pair of 2805s, as my posts in the classifieds will show, and when a pair came up, with the seller claiming they were recently serviced by One Thing Audio, I rang them to check. And yes, it seems they were.

    But, OTA aren't thrilled by them, and suggested a pair of 63s, serviced and improved by them, would be better. Electronics on 3 boards, not one, easier and cheaper to service, the same panels and electronics as the 2805s, etc. As I have to let the seller of the 2805s know by Friday whether I am going to buy them next week (I will delivering my Troels to Croydon on Tuesday), I need advice pretty sharpish.

    Life is so complicated.

    My current power amp is a Parasound Halo A21 (250w+ into 8 ohms) and the room is 5.2m x 4.3m, 2.3m ceiling. I can make almost any type of stand/bracing needed.
    I am asking this question everywhere I can, as time is so short.

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    I'm Alan.


    Third world problems eh?

    I would be tempted to go with the more modern 2805, though I haven't heard either sufficiently long to choose.. How old are the 2805's?
    Having a recent service can only be a good thing?

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    I'm Dave.


    Never been a fan of the 63s and would opt for the more exciting and modern sound of the 2805.

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    For me I'd have the later ones, panels may be the same but the frames will be better and the electronics far newer.

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    Had both , no contest 2805ís.

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    Is it already a time for 2805 service or they were fried?
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    Quote Originally Posted by anubisgrau View Post
    Is it already a time for 2805 service or they were fried?
    Don't know, but either way if they have been seen to by OTA, they should be good to go. I think they were made from 2008 to 2012, so a service after 10 years is not unreasonable, no?

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    I'd also be inclined to the 2805s; I have 2905s and my friend has the 2812s, which I thought were amazing. As the 2812s are almost identical, and the 63s were a more modern update on the 57s and now electronically dated, I think this is a no-brainer, except that One Thing's treatment of 57s are not universally liked, but if just a service on the 2805s, then fine.

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    I'm Richard.


    Thanks for the input. I think the 57s were a completely different configuration from the 63s. OTA said the 2805s were an updated 63, and they could bring the 63s up to 2805 performance. But I needed some independent views. So unless anyone can give a detailed comparison of 2805s and OTA 63s, I think I will go for the 2805s.

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    I have 57s and 63s both benefit from being raised about 18 inches off the floor.

    I found the 63s a bit fragile....dont leave a teenager at home with 300w monoblocks attached and a penchant for radiohead at krackatonian levels!!!!

    I would go for the 2805s in a heart beat....

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