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Thread: Scheduled maintenance/Firewall installation

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    Exclamation Scheduled maintenance/Firewall installation

    Guys, just a heads up...

    Following the hacking incident the other day [see Critic's Corner section for details], we've paid for a company who specialise in website security, protection and monitoring, to install a Firewall to protect us from any further attacks. This basically puts a layer of protection between our site and any hackers. It looks out for people trying to break into the site and stops them. In particular it stops people trying to exploit known vulnerabilities of websites like that used to inject the 'dumplings' thing the other day.

    We were subjected to what essentially was an 'SQL injection", see here: https://www.acunetix.com/websitesecurity/sql-injection/

    However, when the Firewall is being installed you may experience a few hours of disruption to the forum, preventing access. In that respect, the work is scheduled for early one morning, around 7am, either Weds or Thurs this week, so please be aware of some possible disruption to the site during that period.


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    The change is going live as I write this. My apologies for the delay.
    Any disruption should resolve itself over the next few hours.

    You may see a 'This site is not secure' message. This will clear once security certificates are fully configured on our new firewall.

    We are not being hacked and your data is not at risk.
    This issue is temporary and will clear when migration is complete.

    Many thanks for your patience!
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