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Thread: Helvellyn pics

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    I'm Steve.


    Did Helvellyn a few years ago, great views on the way up, and Striding Edge was interesting. The summit was a bit disappointing though, big enough to land a plane on, probably.

    I would recommend putting Crinkle Crags on your to do list Ben, we went up there on a crisp day in January. Park up at Dungeon Ghyll and walk from there. The valley floor never lost its frost, and when we got to the top the air was so clear we could see southern Scotland, the Isle of Man and Snowdonia from the same spot-now that was a view!
    I just dropped in, to see what condition my condition was in

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    I'm Ben.


    Thanks mate, il deffo look into your suggestion as we were thinking about a walk this weekend as long as the weather looks good.

    There is actually a small plaque at the top of helvelynn to commemorate a plane that landed up there!

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