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Thread: Album Club, November 2019: Thomas Dolby - 'The Flat Earth'

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    I'm Martin.

    Default Album Club, November 2019: Thomas Dolby - 'The Flat Earth'

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post

    Very much of the '80s, a decade in which, surprisingly, I liked the pop music, this album exemplifies that sound very well: synthesisers, drum machines, and not a guitar to be seen or heard!
    Try listening again Barry , there is guitar on every track I think. Its beautifully played and very prominent on your favourite track “scare myself”. I just checked the album notes and its Kevin Armstrong.

    Edit possibly no guitar on Mulu The rainforest.

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    I'm Neil.


    Quote Originally Posted by YNWaN View Post
    ‘Aliens Ate My Buick’ is another popular one by Thomas Dolby and probably the most well known.
    Aliens Ate My Buick is brilliant.

    10 out of 10 for me, I love Thomas Dolbys music.
    Regards Neil

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    I'm Martin.


    I tried to like this album however the further I got into the tracks the more I realised I really do not enjoy this style of music.
    Probably why I missed it and many more of this style back in the day. 5
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    I'm Steve.


    I have always loved Thomas Dolby:

    I have always felt Leipzig calling. Maybe too many personal misty bus-queue mornings. But sheer poetry.

    "One of our submarines" was a goodie too. Guess I am "Hyperactive".too.
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