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Thread: New arrival - Permali (Panzerholz) plinth for TD124

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    Default New arrival - Permali (Panzerholz) plinth for TD124

    For a while, Iíve been pondering a change of plinth to put my 12in arm on the right, rather than at the back as was before, with the 9in arm at the back.

    To further this, I got chatting to Russ Collinson (Layers of Beauty, well known to many here) and we discussed doing one with a Panzerholz core, wrapped in sold wood (rather than veneer). This is similar to the Artisan Fidelity approach, but with exactly my preferred wood choices: I wanted the external solid wood to to be sapele, finished to match my big Tannoys, the RFC Canterbury cabinets designed by Paul Coupe but built for me by Russ, to get the consistency of look.

    For the core, we settled on Permali, which is almost identical density to Panzerholz, but UK made and therefore easier to get hold of.

    So hereís the picture journey:

    Spot on 40kg worth of Panzerholz as raw material (not cheap!)

    Panzerholz core completed

    Plinth completed. The cover over the 12in recess enables a 9in arm to be used in the normal TD124 position should that be required.

    I managed to source some tonearm stabilisers, an evolution of the Fidelity Research N60 used on the FR64, for the Ikeda arms. These are 500g each and their heft really surprised me. See here pictured with one of the existing Ikeda tonearm nuts, to get a sense of scale.

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    I'm Tom.


    Time to start putting it together - fitting here the 9in Ikeda IT-345 CR1 at the rear, Ikeda IT-407 at the side. The IT-407 is a non-standard alignment, so I’ve been working with a guy in Ukraine, Andiii Gadzevych, who produces custom calculators for different tonearm geometries, to see if we could optimise the spindle to pivot distance, based on SPU arm collar to stylus pitch. A bit of trial and error with several attempts, but we settled at 296mm and it comes in in a perfect curve and abolished any feeling of inner groove distortion. I also got one done for the IT-345 too but that’s perfect for SPU at the standard 230mm - handy thing to check setup though.

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    And finally the finished result. The armboards are Permali, veneered in walnut and stained black - I think they look ace. There was enough Permali for two spare sets of armboards so I have future options for arms.

    All up the completed plinth was 35kg without motor unit, platter, arms etc, so my guess is all up weight is between 45 ad 50kg, it’s certainly a bugger to lift! I was very impressed with the Townshend Seismic Pods which seem to work even better with the extra weight (max 64kg specification).

    I’ve had it up and running now for a week and a half. It’s hard to tell from just the plinth, as at the same time I fitted the Hanze Hifi motor spring modification, but the overall sense is that everything just got notably quieter, blacker, more focused, with a greater feeling of acoustic space. This TD124 has the Schopper platter and bearing, a Longdog PSU and a Rubato mat, Townshend Seismic Pods for feet so it’s a long way from standard .. overall I think it’s probably about as far as you can take a TD124 in terms of performance.

    Anyway I’m over the moon with both the plinth's looks and the sound.

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    All looking smashin' Tom.. lucky guy
    Grant .... ؠ

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    Those ikeda arms look like they fell off a Soyuz space capsule, proper character!
    Lovely set up you've got there Tom, but how do you reach the records behind those Canterburys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazid View Post
    Those ikeda arms look like they fell off a Soyuz space capsule, proper character!
    Lovely set up you've got there Tom, but how do you reach the records behind those Canterburys?

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    There's more space than it looks in the pic, you can stand behind the speaker no problem.

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    Wonderful looking new plinth Tom. Like the way Russ has placed the grain on the front of the plinth. Good choice!

    In addition to the setup looking out of this world it is good to hear that the sound has improved in a way you want.
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    Beautiful work. Love the look of it.

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    Going off piste and rocking an already very high performing set up takes great thought, deliberation, worry and commitment.

    Really pleased it has worked out Tom.
    It certainly looks a wonderfully classy bit of work .
    Well done Russ!

    Canít wait to hear it!

    Great write up as per usual, showing the care and thought behind it.
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    Craftsmanship in spades there Tom , absolutely beautiful work

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