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Thread: Phonomac AT 1010 Mk VI mini review

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    I'm Angus.


    A PMAT-1010 Mk6 costs 1295 with the recommended MS-9 headshell (1250 with no headshell). One could be available in about 8 weeks - so probably into the New Year.

    With currently committed units that would be the last one that I have from a donor arm bought before the general price increase and scarcity of late. After that I will have to search deeper and pay more which will affect final price.

    Not trying to push anybody into a purchase, just stating the situation.

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    I'm Oliver.


    Looks quite expensive to those who don't know exactly how much "modding" goes into the arm.

    Luckily, I do, even if I don't understand it all lol.

    The price puts this arm in the price bracket of lofty (by reputation) alternatives, but I wouldn't and won't swap mine for any of them.

    A possible MK7 on the horizon too so I'd expect that price (and performance) to increase. Especially as Angus has managed to find a contact, on the ground IN japan, who is now sending him bearings that are not available online, or outside of Japan.

    Last I heard, Angus had managed to source some Titanium rod but I haven't figured out what that is for lol, but I'm absolutely top of the list for the next upgrade. No hesitation.

    You can always buy a donor arm yourself and send it for the upgrade service.

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    I'm jamie.


    Seconded and next on the list
    My System
    John Wood KT88 Amp.
    Paradise Phono Stage
    Sony TTS-8000 Turntable.
    PMAT-1010 MK6 Tonearm.
    Ortofon KB with vienna upgrade
    Sony X555ES Cd Player
    Yamaha NS1000m Speakers
    KARMA Interconnects & Tonearm Cable

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