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Thread: Amp recommendations please :)

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    If you are willing to give up on the 'remote' and the British part, then one of the little TPA3116 Class D amps that can be had for approx £20 will surprise you. I also had an AA Puccini SE so I am familiar with it's sound. The little TPA3116, together with a decent power source and a passive source selector switch will give you astonishing value. Hook it up to a RPi-based streamer and you'll have a cracking setup for little outlay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by southall-1998_mk2 View Post
    Looks interesting. Do they also do an integrated amp version?

    Yes they do, not sure if it’s the same circuit or not. Probably though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali Tait View Post
    Consider these-

    Don’t let the low price put you off, these are very good. Around 60w/ch with the first 10w in Class A. They do run hot.

    I think they are a Pass design, or possibly the JLH class A, it whatever they are, they really do sound very nice.
    Hi Ali, They look very small to be able to dissipate 10W of class A. My Pass F5 which is about 25W has massive heat sinks comparatively.


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