Now a mere 63 years old, I have assembled a vast array (too much?) of equipment and have got rid of a loads over the years. My FIRST system in 1977 was a Yamaha CA-410 amp, Sansui SR222 mk1 with Shure M95ED and Monitor Audio MA7......still have the Shure (see below). I have less interest than I used to and have stopped buying all the Mags, trust my OWN EARS and dismiss most of the BS about cables, stands, fuses and other wallet consuming RUBBISH.


Audio Research Ref 3 Pre
Audio Research Ref 110 Power
Audio Research Ref CD7 CDP
Marantz SA-11S3 SACD
Nottingham Analogue Space 294 TT, Heavy kit, SME 312S with Audio Technica OC9ML (for mint LP's only)
Technics SL-1200 TT, SME S3 with my ORIGINAL 1977 Shure M95ED! (for all 12/7 inch singles and ex Disco LP's only)
Icon Audio PS1 Mk2 MC/MM Phono (latest one)
Armstrong valve Tuner FM/MW
Leak 2075 speakers
B&W ASW 4000 sub and REL Storm 3
Various cables


Too much to list the LOT but includes Yamaha CR-1000 Rec, KR Audio VA 340, Icon Audio MB 805 monos and MB845 monos, Border Patrol Pre, Audio Inn. L2 Pre and Music First copper Pre, Goldenote Koala tube CDP, Philips CD104(NOS mod) and Mission M5AS sub......Yes, I must admit I am a bit of a BASS hound as an ex DJ from the 80's/90's. At some stage I hope to sell off some of the UNwanted stuff as I have far too much gear.


Football (Arsenal, Saints and England), Tennis, Formula 1 (50's to current), DVD's/BR's, Music.....everything from 50's to 90's, Disco/Club/Dance, Jazz, Blues, Classical and even some Audiophile MUZAK too.

As Tess might say.......KEEP ON LISTENING and trust YOUR own ears, not Kessler's, Keywood's, Collom's or Fremer's.....YOU have to live with YOUR HiFi and reviewers are into BS anyway?

Best Regards CHRIS (Southampton, UK)