I have one of those AMPTASTIC amps. One of those tiny little things about the size of my hand.

Ive had it for ages but never really used it. It sounds great for what it is, and seems to work perfectly, but the power supply gets hot!!! (Not the actual amp )

I remember some guys telling me it was the wrong power supply, but I cant remember who they were, or what they said.

So, Iím looking for advice on what replacement power supply I need to buy to feel safer !!

On the back of the amp it says.... 12vDC

On the present power supply it says..... INPUT 100-240v- 0.5A
50-60HZ. 40-60VA
OUTPUT - 12v- 1.5A

That means nothing to me, but hopefully someone can advise me.
Even better would be if they could link me to what I need.