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Thread: Technics 1200 set up questions.

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    Default Technics 1200 set up questions.

    I have just bought moodybuilder of this forums 1200. It has an Audio Origami RB300, Ian Mac Bearing, Isonoe feet, Phil also removed the PSU into a nice quality off board box and I'm using an AT150 EA Moving Magnet cartridge.

    I'm just looking for any tips as to set up. I'm mostly used to LP12's where set up was a real issue but am new to the Technics but am hoping set up isn't as much as a PITA !

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    Good morning Nat,

    I'm sure the technical bods will be along shortly with some good news for you - I'm sure setting up your 1200 will be pretty much down to just having it dead level (obviously) and what you have it sat on. My 1200-based deck sits on a pretty solid heavy a/v cabinet, and it seems happy there. Then setting up arm/cartridge, as with any deck. But that's the extent of what I "know"
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    Basically, once deck is level and you’ve set up the arm/cartridge, your all done. That’s the point of the deck, no faff.
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    That's what I was hoping.

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    You'll find it a lot harder to get it bouncing freely.
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    Thank God all that's over.

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