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Thread: Rega Quattro Speaker Cable

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    Default Rega Quattro Speaker Cable

    Came upon some new Rega Quattro FSC speaker cable at a good price, so I thought new Rega amp lets see what their speaker cable is like ?

    Arrived today so out came the Fisual S-Flex Studio 2.5 and prepared the Rega Quattro. The new cable is not going to be used in a Bi Wire configuration, so was split down the centre to make 2 Standard Pair, something its designed to do by the looks of its design. Being flat cable care is needed to remove the outer rubber sheath. and fitted with some new Nacamich 4mm Banana Plugs. Initial impression were something I couldn't put my finger one straight away other than to say it was different sound to the Fisual, or do I have new cable syndrome and of course its better

    Ran a few well listened to tracks over the next 45mins, and maybe new cable syndrome but I'm sure I'm hearing a difference? I'm sure the top end is smoother on Female Voices, can cables actually make these changes or have I fallen victim to its new and costs 4x the price so its got to be better right? Will have to put on 30/40 hrs and see if does change again after a bit of burn in? Initial impression is good.

    Read on the Internet the cable is made for Rega by Klotz in Germany and we know how good their cable is on Brians Interconnects he does for members of AOS, will see how these work out.

    Will see and comment again as the hours build.

    Anyone else use/used Rega Quattro Speaker Cable and have any comments?
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