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Thread: denon tu-800 tuner

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    Default denon tu-800 tuner

    just aquired this new tuner. Excellent sensitivity & sound. Is there anyone out there who can "tweak or upgrade" these? ive heard its possible & theres some notes on fmtuners site.
    anyway, so far so good. definate upgrade on my rotel 850. - and that is a good tuner!

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    very fond of my denon tuner , think its a tu260 , performs very well . also got a bel canto fm1 thats even better
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    To get the best out of your tuner invest in a good FM roof aerial.
    I had a smaller Ron Smith installed many years ago.......brilliant
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    I bought one of these tuners myself a few years ago for just 22 from that auction site. It is indeed a superb tuner, and apparently much better than the ubiquitous TU-260s that got all the attention in the hi-fi press, although I have only tried the latter briefly at a friend's house. As said above, sensitivity and selectivity really are excellent and the sound on a good BBC broadcast is clear, relaxed and detailed with good ambience. The only thing it does lack a bit is deeper bass.

    What was impressive is the alignment was spot on with the most symmetrical filter response of any non-DSP tuner I've tried, including those bought new! Not bad at all for a tuner that was about 25 years old when I bought it.

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