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What did you get?

My bladder wakes me up after about six hours. Can usually go back to sleep though, whether I actually get up and go for a slash or not. Opted not to get up for it his morning. When I did get up it was like that 'evacuation' scene from 'Austin Powers', I must have been pissing for two minutes straight.

Was up at 0700 this morning although alarm is not set at weekends, that's what time it is set to go off in the week. My brain is trained I suppose.

Seemed to all change once I got into my forties. Before that, waking up at midday on a weekend was not unusual and it was never earlier than 0930. I can't remember how long it has been since I woke up that late now.
As for it changing when you hit your 40s, just wait till you get to my age. Almost seems pointless going to bed.

Best one was "Naked Gun 2 1/2" I think it was called. Dreben gave a speech then went to the bog without turning off his mike. That went on for a couple of minutes And that's what I'm like if I leave it too long.

Oh, I got Paranoid - Black Sabbath, "The Way We Walk" - Genesis, "Night at the Opera" - Queen and "Bette Noir" Bryan Ferry. Nothing really worthy of note, apart from the Black Sabbath, which is really decent SQ too, given its age. All for 3 quid.