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Thread: Cloverleaf mains cable (donít shoot me or Iíll drop a big stone on you)...

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    Default Cloverleaf mains cable (donít shoot me or Iíll drop a big stone on you)...

    Iíve got my NAD D3020 amp going in my office now, alas, the mains cable is damaged and I want to replace it (plugged in via a 6 way block FYI)

    But, do I just go with a £5 special off Amazon, or should I look to invest in something like a Chord/Audioquest mains cable with the IEC to Cloverleaf adapter? Will it make any difference to the sound of my system.

    My source is my 2018 Mac Mini using iTunes and Roon (free trial currently), via an Audioquest Jitterbug USB adapter - Audioquest USB A to B cable to the NAD D3020. Speaker cable is Van Damme Blue and speakers are Monitor Audio Bronze 2s (currently), but have Dali Zensor 3s, B&W 607s and Dynaudio Emit 10s on their way to me too
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    Office: Music via iTunes & Roon from my 2018 i3 Mac Mini (256GB SSD / 16GB RAM) > via an Audioquest USB cable > NAD D3020 > Fyne Audio F302 speakers (via Van Damme Blue 4.5mm speaker cables)
    Spare room: Music via iTunes Match/BBC Sounds app via an iPad Air > ATV3 > Fiio D3 DAC > Arcam Alpha 9 amp > AE109 speakers

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    If you’re using a normal 6 way block I wouldn’t think that the replacement power cable would be an enhancement, as your distribution block may be the limiting factor.

    I believe that fed with a decent supply cables can make a difference.

    Hope this helps.

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    I bought a Chord mains cable for my pre and it made an improvement but it was £100+.

    I'm not sure if it will be cost effective for you although once you have it you could try it on other electronics.

    My other mains cables are Kimber and the difference was not so clear.
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