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Thread: Finding the Sweetspot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logan View Post

    So much for audio "experts" and their sweet spots. I learned two things from this. One was that my discriminatory hearing was not as bad as I thought - I had unwittingly changed nothing during the exercise and had heard no differences. Secondly I learned never to trust anyone who proclaimed expertise in a subjective area. I never told my friend what happened, but I never again acted on any of his future advice.
    lol the forums are full of them.
    one aspect of set up i really concentrate on now is azimuth,i dont mean looking at the cartridge body using a mirror,i mean really getting a good look at the stylus tip with a loupe in relation to the record groove,once there then its very fine adjustment until the sound is centered and focused,ie a singers vocals are dead in the middle and you can almost imagine the words being formed on their lips.setting that is a nightmare unless like me you have an ortofon cartridge with the 3 ridges on the cartridge top.
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    One that puzzles me is SRA, how did we suddenly become obsessed with this and how did people used to set it before the onset of technology allowing us to magnify and check it via PC software?

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    I had to chuckle when I read the title !!!

    There again I have a filthy mind
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