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Thread: Concrete speaker enclosure

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    I'm Ian.


    Hi Michael,
    There is a guy not far from me who's been making concrete speakers using Jordan drivers for many years. It might be worth contacting him for advice/tips. I've met him once and he seems very approachable.


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    I'm Ken.


    Mine were Tannoy M20. A 2-way with an 8" bass. I built the cabinets with the original internal volume and grew externally.

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    I'm Steve.


    May or may not suit the size of hole you're after, but you can hire a core-drilling setup from a tool hire shop. The kind of thing you would use to make a hole in a wall for boiler flues, bog pipes etc
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    I'm Grant.


    I used to do diamond coring way back. Plenty water and preferably a rig etc needed for big holes
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    Hatton Garden anyone?

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    The Link is to a material I was once keen to Laminate and trial on a OB Speaker.
    The link covers a few versions of the material, I believe the material I become familiar with
    is the Portland Version.
    These materials cut with a Jigsaw with relative ease, as well as can be found in a thickness up to 12mm.
    Two or Three sheets can be laminated, to make a Wall thickness of choice.
    With a little though in the design of a cabinet, a conventional version of Speaker Enclosure Joinery can be mimiced.
    My OB Baffle was going to have a Three Ply Lamination, with Ply Layer Two being different material, so possibly a CLD Type of configuration.
    I till have 4 x 15 Bass Drive Units for the project, so maybe one day, I will get there.
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    I'm Michael.


    Thanks for the link to cement board. There are several different types it would seem. One is bendable I wonder about their effectiveness when used for a speaker cabinet. Definitely easier to work with than concrete.

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    I'm Mark.


    My Townshend Glastonburys are Plaster of Paris cabinets poured into a simple steel frame. Easy to work with, and no matter what volume I drive them at there is ZERO cabinet resonance...

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    I'm John.


    The Fibre Cement Board is as easy to work with as any board material.
    A cutting tool with carbide or diamond will be best.

    If a cabinet is to be made, I would look into a resin like Akemi to check for its compatibility with the material.
    If all is good, I have seen this used on massive pieces of granite, and the trust it receives defies belief.
    A lamination of the material, with the inner layer produced slightly smaller than the outer,
    with a little thought the panels could be arranged so that a crude version of a Cabinet Makers Rabbet Joint could be produced.
    The two layers can be bonded with Akemi Stone Glue.
    A 40mm X 40mm X 3mm Aluminium Angle used as a picture frame, attached to a few of the panels inner faces, the angle will be internally bonded with Akemi, this will give a framework to create a robust/ rigid enclosure with plenty of bonding surfaces.
    As said the cement board is a discarded material in construction, so the base material can be found reasonably easy and free if a cheeky enquiry is made.
    Akemi Akepox will set one back about £30.
    My original idea for the material was to produce a OB with it, as a cabinet the material will need a little more thought on the achieving air tightness when assembling.

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    I'm Chris.


    On mass in cabinets....
    "The same issue of Haute Fidélité recounts how Bernard Salabert of PHY at the time had constructed a personal listening room of the large sort. In total, it employs 144 tons of material (16 tons of sand in the ceiling alone) to be acoustically inert. Yet when he experimented with his 8-inch driver in a 16-ton wall acting as open baffle, the floor vibrated. At regular playback levels. This hexed the notion that high mass was effective at damping. It confirmed the commitment to the deliberately resonant speaker cabinet that would neither deaden, dull, smear nor thicken the sound. "The signal, not the box" gets cornered by "Don't kill the music with the box". This resonated in me as a worthy story waiting to be plucked and told. Again. We're far too late to this party to be third. Even The Absolute Sound has been in on it five years ago when the Ocellia Tilia snagged a 2002 Golden Ear award from Robert E. Greene."
    from a (6 Moons) review on my Ocellia Calliopes.

    I had Glastonburys too; not only gypsum plaster but also a thick layer of carpet inside, I recall.
    Was taken aback, visiting Max on Cyprus, when-unasked - he played Andreas Vollenweider as demo ...the very same as I was using for demo at the time!

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