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Thread: Cambridge Audio CXC

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    Default Cambridge Audio CXC

    CXC by Shaun Haselden, on Flickr

    I have had this unit for just over a year now and it no longer functions as it should. Switch it on, power it up, absolutely fine. Open the drawer, close the drawer, absolutely fine. Put in a disc, no longer knows what it is doing.
    If you can use this item for a project or maybe fix it then please contact me as this is for disposal free of charge.
    All you have to do is collect it.
    There is no packaging for this item.

    Comes with the standard power lead.

    I have tried this in various sockets around the house and with various discs.

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    Lovely player and well worth saving - I hope someone does!

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    Sounds like a dodgy laser, Happy to take on another project if it's still available? PM sent!
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    I was just reading your thoughts on this machine vs the 6006 , very sad that it has ceased working . surely to goodness the manufacturer would repair something so new . which magazine would have a field day as they should repair stuff thats so new

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