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Thread: ifi Power Supply actually CAUSING interference

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    Default ifi Power Supply actually CAUSING interference

    I've bought a used Auralic Aries Mini Streamer with an alleged upgraded ifi power supply to help block unwanted interference - it's actually doing the opposite and causing it!!!

    All my other regular power supplies for TT and DAC etc are fine, however as soon as I plug in the ifi power source, it squeals through my speakers, even more so on the Phono Stage obviously so I have to remove it.

    Tried plugging it in to different sockets but still the same, even without it plugged into the back of the streamer it causes problems.

    I think I'll try and get hold of a regular supply for the Auralic but wondered if anyone had any ideas before I do so?

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    No idea about the PSU but it's obvious at fault and not fit for purpose. If you can send it back for a refund do so, if not check out the cost of a repair, or just buy a fit for purpose PSU which in all probability needn't cost 20% as much as the junk you've got.

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    Im using this for my Aries Mini with good result.

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