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Thread: CDs getting scratched

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pegwill View Post
    Hi Guys

    My DAC is out of commission at the moment so where I usually stream I have had to revert to playing CDs. In doing so I notice a few of them are scratched. I am very careful and try to be gentle however I can see they are scratched. I can only think this has been done by placing them in the CD player draw. Plastic against plastic. Has anybody ever used any padding on the draw to stop the hard plastic of the draw scratching the CD. Just something to stop direct contact with draw it probably only has to be thin, perhaps not even around just in perhaps three places.
    The Laser pickup has lost its optical strength. So the focusing mechanism is moving closer to the disc, which is what is scratching them. It can also be dust etc that is blocking the laser, but it's more likely the pickup.

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