Hi Gaz,

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I was wondering the same as Bigman80 and am playing devil's advocate here so please don't take it the wrong way.

Without meaning to sound rude, and certainly without condoning what is happening to you, I can't help but to wonder why two individuals have been motivated to act in such a manner? I too have been posting on various forums for many years but to date have never had anything like this happen.
Lol - with respect, I suspect we're two *very* different characters!! You may be able to walk away from or put up with things that I can't, which is perhaps why I've been involved in more confrontations, liable to have created enemies.

Btw, I've been posting on forums since late 1998.

Plus.... In respect of RD, and what happened on HFS, if that's what you're referring to, there's WAY too much to go into there, to even remotely explain the reasons for that.

Taking this matter to a worst case scenario, eg a trial in court, anything you may have done to provoke or exacerbate it will be exploited to the full by his defence lawyer.

If, and it sounds highly likely, this character has mental health issues, this along with any antagonism on your part may well be sufficient to see him get away with it and as a result make matters worse as he could see it as vindication that reinforces his position?

It's easy for me to say as I'm not on the receiving end but maybe totally ignoring him, at least in the short term, might be the best course of action?
All true, good advice and noted