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Thread: FS: Valab LCR-1 phono stage

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    Default FS: Valab LCR-1 phono stage

    Selling my Valab LCR phono stage (most recent MkIII version). Bought when I was thinking about selling my EAR 912. However by the time it was made (these are built to order), shipped, and travelled through customs, about eight weeks had passed and I had already bought my Allnic H7000V.

    Lots of info, reviews and discussion online about this, I havenít actually listened to it much due to having the Allnic already here when it arrived. I had intended to have a proper play at some stage but now need to raise funds towards a tonearm - so this is available.

    These donít come up very often as people tend to buy them and keep them. There are a few on the forum at the moment.

    I paid £660 + £40 shipping plus £140 customs charges which is £840 all together. Offered at £575 including shipping.

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    Good phonostage this.

    Good price too.


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    Bargain alert. These have SUPERB inductors in them, the important bit in the LCR.

    If I hadn't already scratched the LCR itch I would be all over this. GLWS though I doubt you'll need it.

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    PM incoming.
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    woke up to a flurry of offers on this this morning, just sorting out messages but one way or another this is probably sold.

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