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    Default Album Club reborn

    The Album Club

    The Album Club has taken a bit of a holiday of late, for reasons described below. But by popular demand, I’m pleased to say it will start again at the beginning of September.

    For those of you who don’t know about the Album Club, the idea is very simple. Each month a Member will suggest a title, write a few words about why it has been chosen, and provide a link to either YouTube or Spotify so other Members can listen to it and comment on the chosen title.

    When the Album Club was started by our good friend Alex_UK, there was a great deal of interest, with comments and feedback often running to several pages. Alex took a long ‘sabbatical’ from the Forum and another Moderator looked after the Album Club, and then I took over running the Club. However, for the last year or so, interest in the Club has waned significantly; often with as little as only a couple of replies. This was dispiriting to those Members who had gone to the trouble of making submissions and providing an interesting insight into why they have made their choice.

    So I put the Album Club on pause, whilst I had a think about what could be done to encourage more participation. This is what I have decided to do:

    [1] The Album Club choice will be remain active for one month; thereafter the thread will be locked.

    [2] All respondents will be asked to vote on the choice, on a scale of 1 to 10. At the end of the month the votes will added up to provide a score for that month’s Album Club choice.

    [3] This process will be applied to the next month’s choice and so on for all the subsequent Album Club submissions, so at the end (hopefully September 2020), the Member who has achieved the highest score with their Album Club submission will be rewarded with a prize – an audiophile recording of their choice.

    For those Members taking part, this is what you have to do:

    [1] Choose a title

    [2] Provide an image of the cover artwork. You can usually get this from Discogs or Amazon, and if available, provide a link to Wikipedia.

    [3] Write a few words (though it can as lengthy or not as you see fit) as to why you have chosen it, why you like it – mentioning any stand out tracks if appropriate.

    [4] Provide a link to either YouTube or Spotify, so other Members can listen to your choice, and comment/vote on it.

    The whole point of the Album Club is to introduce to Members music that may be new to them or have maybe passed them by. So be bold and imaginative. Your choice can be anything you like: Classical, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock or any other ‘genre’. Don’t be afraid that you submission will not be well received – some may not be impressed, but it is just as likely that others will find you choice enjoyable; hence the idea of voting.

    So what I need from you, in the first instance, is a list of names of say 10 to 12 Members who are willing to participate. To get the ball rolling, I will make the first submission, and then others will follow in order of notification. Each participant will be given a month’s notice to prepare his/her submission, with a reminder after two weeks. If you find yourself unable to make a submission (due say to family matters, holidays, or ill health), please let me know ASAP, so I can make alternative arrangements.

    That’s it – if you would like to participate, please let me know on this thread.

    The Album Club
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    Count me in Barry, glad AC is back.
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    Hi Barry, Please add me to the list, always willing to have a listen.
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    Excellent news. Thanks.
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    I am willing to take part.
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    Well, clearly Im in! Would be nice to see some good support from the forum members - I for one discovered some amazing albums over the years and some are now firm favourites - music I would probably never heard had it not been for Album Club.

    We used to do it weekly, but with it now being a monthly event most people should be able to find the time to listen and post a few words?

    So I hope everyone will embrace and enjoy Album Club, rebooted.

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    Im in already discovered loads of new artists on here thanks to the whats spinning threads.

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    I've checked the lists and I've already picked my offering....

    Can we try linking this thread to the what's spinning today threads to try to drum up some interest ??

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    Count me in too Barry, sounds like a great way to share music.
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