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Thread: Nobsound sprung feet - had to check them out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    Its a 'Chinese knock off of someones designed product ' rant, sure.
    Which product would that be then? Got a link to the product the Nobsound ones are ripping off?

    I got a bit irritated a while back by someone buying and building what was effectively a kit that not only purported to be a circut based on a Kondo preamp, but came with a a fully-marked up, Kondo-branded case as well. Now in my book, that's a knock off in similar vein to someone sporting a fake Rolex from the looky-looky man.

    On the other hand I see the Nobsound dampers for what they are which is a capable but somewhat basic implementation of a common enough idea. There is no passing off something as what it isn't. I wrote above that they are not as good as my ten times the price Townshend Seismic Pods (which were in the market long before Viablue - did they rip off Max's idea? Or is the idea obvious enough, and the execution variable according to price point?). But categorically, they are not junk and I don't believe they are any kind of fake either.

    I've bought a few Nobsound products over the years and they are exactly what you'd expect, cheap, functional, arguably somewhat derivative designs but executed at reasonably quality for the prices asked. As for derivative, the fact is that copying and not innovation is actually the norm in the hifi industry, from the Williamson circut onwards but only really becomes an issue when the rip-off is blatant and patents or trademarks are infringed. I see no such issue here. I'm happy to be proved wrong though.
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    I have multiple sets of the acrylic 'Ecstasy Prop Isolation Feet' that jandl100 posted a picture of in post #4.

    I have been using them for years and am very satisfied with them.
    I have modified one set of 4 to replace the feet on my SL1200MK2 where they work brilliantly.
    I use a set of 4 under each speaker, a set of 3 under my pre amp, 3 under my power amp and 3 under my CD player. The key to making them work properly is to get the compression/weight and spring ratio just right, I use extra weights on top of the supported unit where needed.

    The acrylic 'Ecstasy Prop Isolation Feet' are either a re-branded or a direct copy of the 'Solid-Tech IsoClear Isolation Feet', I have compared them with the genuine Solid-Tech version and apart from the logo/felt layer I can find no differences. Unlike the Nobsound aluminium version the acrylic ones use a sandwich of acrylic-felt-acrylic per disc, whether this helps with isolation and performance who knows.

    I have done many drop tests measuring with vibration meters and can report that they really do work in terms of stopping vibration from reaching the supported unit. Solid tech state that the "Solid Tech IsoClear discs are a universal isolation device that exhibit a measured 84.64% vibration reduction at 20Hz" my findings pretty much back this up.

    In terms of sound quality I believe they have had a positive impact in my system, the more units I have supported the better the improvements have become.
    Are they as good as Townshend?...I doubt it, but they are a fraction of the price and I believe are a bargain. One of the big design differences is the use of air dampening in the Townshend design which the discussed units do not have.

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