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Thread: A 6FT Hi-Fi Rack Without Breaking The Bank?

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    Yes a lot of kit is not pretty in a minimalist sense but it is fun. I have so many cables down the back...silver spiral, Ixos Ecosse, k20 that I cant see wall units accomodating it all. These are stiff cables in a spaghetti junction.

    I like to get round the back which is why racks are good.

    My two turntables are a little hobby. They are only Duals Ive fully restored with new lids and the deluxe bases. A Planar 2 is coming soon. Problem is I keep hanging on to stuff and I will have to get rid of some of it. Its not expensive equipment but I love it.

    So I have two TT5s with a TT2 next to them. Then I have a dark green tubular 5 shelf Target with glass shelves and another TT2 with the laptop on....too many racks and the low racks ( 2 shelf ) are a waste of space

    The turntables are on the spiked TT5 top shelves...an 80s rack which looks far too black and ugly...maybe I will get them powder coated

    Storage is key! We should always have the room ready before bringing equipment in. I have done it the other way round and I will have to put it all in big yellow storage while I rebuild.

    Ive got height up to victorian ceilings

    Ive seen those 7 shelf Optimum racks but they are £600+ for glass shelves and chrome tubes. Maybe the wood ones arent such steep value after all. The s/h ones are usually 150 miles away
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    Mine's like this they come up quite often. Only thing is you might want 4 legs for the extra weight.


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