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Thread: A 6FT Hi-Fi Rack Without Breaking The Bank?

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    Default A 6FT Hi-Fi Rack Without Breaking The Bank?

    As you know when they have a space problem in cities they build upwards...its a no brainer.

    I have a space problem with hi fi equipment and I need a taller rack to cut the space of two racks down to one. The reason is I have an Amp, Tuner, Cassette Deck, CD player, Minidisc Player, VCR, Two turntables, Spare Freeview box for the Radio...etc etc...the TV unit is also full.

    Im thinking through my options that wont be very expensive. Ive seen the modular units which can add up to 700+ with only 5 low shelves.

    Wall units seem out as I like to get round the back

    I could bolt a Target TT2 to a TT5 but thats a bit messy isnt it . I have two black and a dark green rack but they are five shelves and the lower shelves have a tuner or something just near the floor.

    Any ideas or is it a non starter? Ive got to get some equipment up to head height as thats where the space is in my place ...upwards

    Please help me think this through.
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    I've never seen a single width rack solution for two turntables. Height wise you need sufficient clearance to lift the lid on both, that's the problem. Maybe there's a leftfield solution I'm not aware of though.

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    You could build it yourself.
    M16 or M20 threaded bar with birch ply shelves.

    Adjustable to suit, think about hooking it to the wall for safety ?
    It does take a while spinning those nuts too.

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    Have a chat with Paul at https://www.solid-sounds.co.uk/

    I met him at the last WAM show (he was the guy who had the Dutch & Dutch speakers). The racks he makes seem to be world class.

    I've been chatting with him about a possible project.
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    Although not as tall as you need, I became really annoyed at the prices of racks and a few year ago made my own, and cheaply, but with some work.

    I bought four large size broom handles and made a six shelf unit which could be seven, (I left a larger gap at the bottom for the power amp), and used MDF for the shelves. my method of fixing was both difficult and labour intensive, and I now realise that I should have used the same approach as furniture does, using screwable lengths of wood with metal threaded protrusions. (Typically on coffee tables).

    I feel sure that there must be metal part available to insert into lengths of dowel, and then you can build your own height.

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    If you have solid walls and are handy with a drill (or know someone who is..) then Spur shelving supports are the affordable way to go

    The uprights are available in lengths up to 2.4 meter and I usually use the 30cm snap-in brackets (there are some even longer) with 33x40cm birch ply shelves, leaving a space at the back for cabling.

    Use heavy duty plugs and screws and they will take a fairly hefty load without flinching - my TT weighs a ton and is on the top shelf of a low set seen in this thread here:


    I've only came to this solution because in the past I always found racks (especially homebrew attempts) to be a complete PITA for all kinds of reasons - tall racks even more so ...
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    Yes some great replies thanks.

    yes 6ft is pushing it so maybe a multi shelf unit lower in height than that. I could make something and had previously been aware of the tnt flexy table design with threaded rods. The turntables couldnt go on a tall rack so would have to go on a sideboard type unit or wall shelf. That was just to give you an idea that I have too much equipment. I am trying to go minimalist but failing miserably.

    Yes the Solid Sound designs look great and I may pay the money to get the storage looking just great. Storage is everything and there is little point owning something if you cant display it properly

    Making my own could be an option and to be quite frank I get annoyed with the prices of modular wood stack hi fi units...you know 3 shelves up and its already at 600. Ok they look nice but 150 for one wood spiked shelf gets ridiculous in my view

    I may build wall shelving units as Im already planning alcove shelves

    You are right that the standard rack isnt really aimed at people with too much equipment or living spaces that have to be planned more carefully.

    Im handy with a drill so may well build something myself
    " Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?"

    'I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, sir' said Alice, 'because I'm not myself, you see.'.

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    Second hand modular might be the way forward. For example in my second system I'm using an Alphason glass shelf rack with aluminium tubes (cost 50) which I took apart to transport. If I find two identical racks I don't see why I couldn't add the second rack (or half of) onto the first but leave the top shelf of the lower rack out to give me more access to a TT on that level. I'd also avoid putting heavy equipment higher up to keep it safe. Not sure how much weight the combined rack could take but it looks pretty robust with strong rods inside the tubes.

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    I nearly bought one of these a while back. You can attach it to the wall for stability and put the smaller bits of kit on the higher shelves with plenty of room below for the big boys
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    My rack has 7 x 10mm toughened smoked glass shelves joined with M6 threaded rods and it weighs a huge amount. It doesn't sway at all much to my surprise and although it was a right pain spinning the nuts and washers down the rods when building it, at least each shelf is now adjustable for height to accomodate whatever components I wish to put into it.

    I spent ages looking for a rack with the ease of shelf height adjustment and for a sensible outlay but I couldn't find any that could meet both important criteria.
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