As you know when they have a space problem in cities they build upwards...its a no brainer.

I have a space problem with hi fi equipment and I need a taller rack to cut the space of two racks down to one. The reason is I have an Amp, Tuner, Cassette Deck, CD player, Minidisc Player, VCR, Two turntables, Spare Freeview box for the Radio...etc etc...the TV unit is also full.

Im thinking through my options that wont be very expensive. Ive seen the modular units which can add up to £700+ with only 5 low shelves.

Wall units seem out as I like to get round the back

I could bolt a Target TT2 to a TT5 but thats a bit messy isnt it . I have two black and a dark green rack but they are five shelves and the lower shelves have a tuner or something just near the floor.

Any ideas or is it a non starter? Ive got to get some equipment up to head height as thats where the space is in my place ...upwards

Please help me think this through.