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Thread: A bit of fun.

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    I'm Martin.


    Oooh Blimey I seem to have caused world war three.

    I apologise if I have caused offence. I didnt really mean to. The weather has been making me a bit ratty. I will take that point though and just move past in future
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    " Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?"

    'I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, sir' said Alice, 'because I'm not myself, you see.'.

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    I'm Lawrence.


    Quote Originally Posted by struth View Post
    Moderating is a tricky thing and cannot appease everyone all the time Rich. I have to say, although in my opinion Martin would have been better passing on the thread, his comment wasn't out of order. Geoff was correct in his judgement in leaving it as is , again in my opinion(and thats all we as mods can do, is use our experience to smooth the road). as I say we cannot always keep everyone's feelings on a matter happy.
    Be a shame if you were to leave over something like this mate... Think it over a bit more.
    Yes don't go, accept the apology and move on is my advice.

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    I'm Tom.


    Quote Originally Posted by Lawrence001 View Post
    Not sure if it works on my phone I just get a load of blank lines I assume there's more to it than that?

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    me too suspect it doesn't like ad-blocker.
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