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Thread: Best Speakers for Pioneer A300R Precision

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    Default Best Speakers for Pioneer A300R Precision

    Here Goes - its rated 50 watts into 8 ohm - 80 into 4 ohm

    Heybrook Point 5
    Tannoy Eclipse MK1
    Wharfedale Dovedale 3
    KEF Reference 103
    Celestion A1 compact
    ARC 101
    Audio Note ANJ/D
    KLH Model 32
    IMF ALS 40 MK2
    Tannoy 615 MK2
    Tannoy DC 1000
    Acoustic Research AR20B
    KEF Kit 2
    Benchmark BM1
    Ruark Talisman 1

    Kenwood A85
    Arcam Alpha 7SE
    Kef Reference 103 Speakers
    Cambridge Atlantic & Linn Interconnects & Cable Talk 3.1 Speaker Cable

    Rega Planar 2 / RB250 / Ortofon OM Super 10 / Van Den Hul Bearing Upgrade

    Other Kit
    Quad 33 303 / Pioneer Precision amp and CD / various others Yamaha / Marantz / Nytech / Kef / Audio Note / Tannoy 615 / DC 1000 + more

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    You should pick the speakers to suit the room then the amp to suit the speakers not the other way around.

    This list is therefore useful for someone who's already got a pair of the speakers you've listed and wants to know if they're going to sound ok with the A300. Less useful for someone with an A300 who wants to know what speakers to buy as it should be determined by their room, not their amp.

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