Another of my nice things that have been boxed up for months but I thought I'd give it a whirl before I list and I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing...

This really smoothes the sound out, it sounds a bit flat initially but once it's warmed up it gives a lovely "octal" glow to the music. (I'm a big Octal fan which is why I bought this over every other buffer out there, I did like the MF X10v3 but this does something different). At the time I was going through a vintage CD player experimental period but then when I decided to stick to a modern smooth NOS DAC (a Metrum IIRC) I put this away and didn't try it again until now.

If I sell it, it will be for 95 collected from N London as it's boxed with about 100 hours on it. Postage can be arranged at buyer's risk.

I'll be selling it with the stock Chinese tubes but just experimenting with it now as you can see with my Black Treasure CV181s (which I'm keeping!!). It has a silver valve protection gubbins that I had to remove to fit in the BTs but of course this will be put back on. I will post another photo once this is a sales thread.

I can supply some vintage 6SN7s to the buyer for an additional charge if they don't already have any, and I do strongly recommend this to get the best out of it.

I understand that these can be modded to sound even better, I'm not sure if our Firebottle is familiar with this model but I'm sure I've seem him mentioned in the past regarding some Yaqin product, it might have been the phono stage (which I also own and it's also excellent!).

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