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Thread: Has anyone made a grounding box?

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    I'm Chris.


    Possibly a way to test the water (for those that are interested) . . . .

    As has been mentioned "can" do something in "some" systems. I like the idea of tweaks like this but also understand the skepticism regarding a box of stones of varying sizes.

    If you're firmly in the digital is digital/power is power camp this kind of product will undoubtedly wind you up but I for one won't knock until tried!

    Spades being spades after all.

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    I'm Barrington.


    I pick up a Entreq Minimus with cable for a song with a view to flipping it. Gave it a go; I have to say in my system it works. Sonically it changes little probably less perceptible bass, but I think this is due to the absence of background noise. Individual voices and instruments have more space, height. The soundstage is now extremely wide. When sat off access, some tracks the may sound very thin, however very good in the sweet spot. It took about three weeks to fully appreciate it effects, which I find subtle. It's when I removed it from the system there is a noticeable presence of grain and congestion which is acceptable at my budget, but not anymorel. Would I recommend it? not really but it is worth a try if you live in a highly populated location and appreciate music sounding freeded from the speakers. My grounding box will be staying put.

    To conclude, IMHO its effectiveness has more to do with the plugged in equipment's environment than the box itself. Hence their controversy nature.

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    Barrington , may i ask what the rest of your system is ?

    Did you experiment with what components you connected to it? As i think you can only add 1 piece of kit to the minimus.


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    I'm Barrington.


    My equipment is Densen B100 and DM30 Bi-Amped out to a pair of Ushers Standmounts/Tannoy T200 Super Tweeters, with a custom built turntable and phono stage as the front end. The B100 acts as the earthing point to which the phono stage is tethered. Then just spade to spade from the B100 to the Entreq.

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