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Thread: Interest Check - Sheffield Bake-Off

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    I'm Mark.

    Default Interest Check - Sheffield Bake-Off

    A friend recently introduced me to a ‘space for hire’ in Sheffield (very near the Sheffield United football ground). It’s a really nice space that is reclaimed from a very old building. There is seating available for a potential 60 people. The best thing about it though is the sound of the room which is very well controlled with very little flutter echo and bodes well for the sound of systems. In addition, there is easy access (the train station is a 10-15 minute walk away, or a short £5.00 taxi ride, and busses also run from the station to nearby streets) local parking (free on a Sunday which is what I am proposing) and no issue with noise annoying the neighbours. There are also separate men’s and ladies toilets and the potential to use an extra space that has a small meeting room and a kitchen. Finally, there is a high quality projector and motorised screen if any use can be made of it. All in all it is probably the best demo space I have ever encountered. There are also a number of nearby pubs and lots of places to eat .

    If interest is sufficient I propose a meeting in a few weeks - cost should be zero to minimal. There is a cost to renting the space but it is quite reasonable and it is likely ‘mates rates’ can be negotiated - so I expect the cost to attendees to be zero or, at worst, under £5.00. I should add this is fun, hobbyist, zero profit undertaking - any charge will simply be to cover room hire.

    So, if seriously interested, please post below and please also say what you would like to bring, or hear .


    Edit and update (23rd August)

    The following link (to a spreadsheet) and text has been provided by one of my compatriots in this affair (the planning of all this is down to three friends - but I’m the only one who is a member of this forum).

    Link to spreadsheet is here.


    You can add a line for yourself to the live doc.

    If we end up being oversubscribed we may have to make restrictions on numbers and gear. Hopefully not though.

    The idea is a to get a great spread of quality gear, classic, diy and bought stuff. Ideally variants in each field, valves, solidstate, cd, dac and file source, vinyl, tape, panel and planar speakers, subs, standmounts, compacts, multiway, high sensitivity, single driver, all the options.

    We'll work on a format for showing once we have an attendee list and date chosen.

    I'll lock lines once they are approved by each attendee.

    The Room

    The space is located at the Portland Works (the birthplace of Stainless Steel cutlery) Sheffield S2 4SJ.


    The room is 17M long x 5,5M wide and a ceiling height of 3.45 M. with double sockets located every 4.1.M down the long walls.

    The room was rewired to it's own consumer unit and the works has it's own substation.

    The floor is of suspended timber construction with joists 280 x 70 mm. 30mm thick pine floorboards have been overboarded with 18 mm thick chipboard.

    The industrial floor construction and high ceiling gives the room a very neutral acoustic balance.
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    I'm Micky.


    Count me in Mark ..I like Sheffield..hopefully no date issues ...I can bring CD player if needed or maybe turntable

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    I'm Oliver.


    I'd happily do the 60 miles for a bake off.

    Would bring the SP10, DCB1, BigBottle Phonostage and the Neurochrome 686 and some cables, if that was of interest, if not then they can stay in the car lol
    Analogue: Technics SP10 MK2 > Phonomac AT-1010 MK6 tonearm > Ortofon Kontrapunkt b > Bigbottle Jfet MC Valve Phonostage (Telefunken Valves)
    Digital: Raspberry Pi 3+/Allo Boss 1.2/Isolator 1.3 & Firebottle LPSU with Volumio & JRiver
    Amplification: Nelson Pass Derived DCB1 with Khozmo 48 Step Series Attenuator & Neurochrome Modulus 686 Amplifier
    Cables: SPOTFIRE Speaker Cable & SPOTFIRE IC Cables & SPOTFIRE Tonearm cable
    Speakers: Pioneer CS-77A

    Price List For SPOTFIRE Cables here:https://bit.ly/2Uxiv3j

    Alternative reading: http://www.audioaddictsforum.com

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    I'm Mark.


    Micky (and others), thanks for your interest but please don’t just say you could bring a CD player - please say exactly what CD player. I can personally organise every type of component, it’s what it is that matters..,,

    100% Analogue

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    I'm Micky.


    Linn cd12

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    Yes would be up for it, work permitting. Could bring Bastanis OB’s.
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    Hunter S Thompson

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    I'm Des.


    Hi Mark, I'm up for this, could bring a Canary Audio 608 intergrated amp, Living Voice Avatar speakers, a Chevron Audio DDDac 1794 and a Sony transport. If none of this is wanted, I'll attend anyway.

    The Chevron DAC is worth hearing, it has held its own against dacs many thousands its price at a few bakeoffs.

    How big is the space ?
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    I'm Mark.


    Quote Originally Posted by Hap Hazzard View Post
    How big is the space ?
    Itís around 1100 square feet (or 100m2).

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    I'm Dave.

    Default Maybe

    Saw this on PFM first, so have replied there

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    I'm Steve.


    I'd be interested depending on the date.

    Technics SP10 tt. Cart: At33ptg
    Project 2xperience sb dc
    Nelson Pass DCB1 pre
    Audio Research 75hd
    Aragon 4004 dual mono
    Monarchy Audio SM70
    CD Player: Cyrus cd8se
    Spotfire Speaker Cable
    Rogers Ls3/5a 15ohm
    Tannoy Eaton

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