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Thread: WTD: small sub and AV amp

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    I'm Steve.

    Default WTD: small sub and AV amp

    Looking to have a cheapy 5.1 system again. I've got tannoy SFX speakers, just need a smallish sub, REL quake, smaller m&k or similar and a cheapish AV amp with a digital input so that I can connect my Sky Q box.*

    Anyone got anything knocking around.*

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    I'm Anthony.


    I have sent a PM.


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    I'm Tim.


    Hi Steve
    Iíve got a Gallo TR-1 which might not be small enough, but is well regarded and my good lady says it needs to go. In good nick and Iím not looking for big money ...
    Would that be if interest to you?

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    I'm Chris.


    Can recommend the Panasonic SA-XR70 receiver if you can find one.

    THat Gallo might interest ME>>>>>.

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    I'm Russell.


    I've got a Ruark Vita 50 Sub (which is apparently a rebadged MJ Acoustics Reference 50 Mk I) not doing anything if you're interested?

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    I'm Steve.


    I have a 200 watt kef sub and an Onkyo TX-NR616.


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