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Thread: Rel Stentor III for sale £600

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    Default Rel Stentor III for sale £600

    I have decided to sell my Rel Stentor III sub its cherry finish and near mint condition I am now living above someone and cant reasonably use it.

    I am based in Lanarkshire, Scotland and item is very heavy so collection only.

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    I'm Martin.


    These are extremely musical and great at low frequency effects for movies too.

    I have the exact same one in the same finish, and if i had the space which I don’t I would be extremely tempted to pick this up for a matching pair.

    These used to retail for £2500 but could be picked up on offer for £2000. This is an absolute steal at £600. I paid a lot more 2nd hand and had to drive 150 miles to pick it up.

    If someone down south gets this give me first dibs on any future resale GLWTS

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    I'm Martin.


    I agree. A superb bit of kit at a great price.
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    Thanks for the comments guys

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    nobody interested these don't come up that often and not at this price

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    Can't believe this hasn't sold
    An awesome sub, I have used 2 Stentors in a single system in the past.
    The Stentor is incredible and beat anything i have had and heard previously.
    The only possible exception would be the Rel Studio. Which are near impossible to get hold of.
    Good luck with the sale
    Andy - SDDW

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    Mr Lord was demonstrating one of these at one of the Heathrow hifi shows in the 90s. I think he was playing a soundtrack, could have been Close Encounters of The Turd Kind which simply provided a bass frequency that was likely to cause structural damage. The whole room was just shaking violently!
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    I'm Paul.


    I used to love my rel strata way back when and its not even in the same league as this beast. Excellent subs

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