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Thread: FS - Tube Technology Unisis. 35W integrated with phono

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    Yes my mistake I thought the OP had given up and listed it on eBay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AD Audio View Post
    I've got another one in pieces on the bench so I can let you know whether that's true or not. I suspect it's easy enough. Unlike Richie's, this one's had some serious meddling with electrolytic caps wired back to front, film caps placed in wrong place, and incorrect resistors fitted. Amazingly it still worked and sounded pretty good but hummed!

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    Uh? I already know it's true!

    Do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martian sunrise View Post
    I was warned NOT to do this! Apparently the whole amp has to come apart to refit them...
    Hi, it certainly looks like you have to take the circuit board and transformer mounts off to be able to get the chrome caps off. It's not too bad a job if your amps a keeper.

    Incidentally the one in my workshop has a complete phono stage fitted, apart from valves, and apparently quite a few were shipped like that. So add back a wire link and two valves and you've got a free decent phono stage!

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