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Thread: Amps and fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by moggi1964 View Post

    AC Infinity MULTIFAN S4

    I have one sitting under my Tubelab SE and it is inaudible and moves a good lot of air.
    Thanks Morris. The 'inaudible' bit is very important as I'm gonna need 2. I'd been looking at the range but they are quite a bit I more expensive

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    Run a 12volt fan off a 6v battery, will run slower and quieter.
    1 for each amp.

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    Made a fan controller a few weeks ago on Martin F5 turbos
    we have to use 140 mm fans due to sink size
    200mm would be much better
    speed controller is quite simple all you need is a mosfet a thermistor and a trimmer
    all info is on my thread The bug is back

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    Default Amps and fans

    Quote Originally Posted by Firebottle View Post
    Turbulent air will 'stick' to the radiating surfaces better than laminar air and absorb more heat. Hence it is better to blow air over as the air is turbulent coming out of the fan (due to the blades chopping up the air).
    That reminded me of the “Turbulent Juice”, commercials on Rick and Morty!



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