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Thread: Thanks and greetings to Goraman

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    I'm Przemyslaw.

    Post Thanks and greetings to Goraman

    Hello! Unfortunately, I don't know how to send a private message here. Or if it is even possible.

    I've only registered to thank Goraman for guiding me to the Superex PRO-B headphones! It was a lucky coincidence, but without you, man, I wouldn't buy these headphones!

    One day I was reading about Lafayette F-500 headphones in an old Lafayette catalog and their powerful bass, and I've noticed some other, more expensive headphones, i.e. Superex PRO B. I started to read about them and this is how I came across Goraman

    You should try two things:

    Sansui 3000A


    Realistic STA-220 or Hitachi SR-1100 (It is almost the same receiver)

    Those two receivers are very special ones with unbelievably good bass response, dynamics and clarity. Something very special for the ears. Realistic STA-220 sound is newer, less dark, so may be preferable. With them - Lafayette F-500's bass is like a hammer, the drums are powerful, music is incredible. Without - other headphones.

    Sansui 3000A and Realistic STA-220 are like Superex PRO-B in the domain of receivers, so I hope that you will try them, man, you only need to remember to exchange the capacitors and to make other repairs that are required, i.e. exchanging loud transistors, for example, but the sound! - it will be absolutely worth it, you will hear the full potential of your headphones for the first time.

    Best regards,

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    I'm Shane.


    Howdy! Welcome to AOS.

    Have fun.

    Shane Lonergan.

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    Funny, you should mention the Sansui 3000A as I had one for a few weeks around 2014 still with the blue cellophane covering the crome from Japan. As new. Got here form a Veitnam war pilot and sat in his den for years unused.
    I am not a huge Sansui fan, not when you could go Pioneer at that time and get better quality.
    Enjoy the Superex , cheers! Jeff

    Careful as the tend to go DC after some time. A rectifier issue.
    Nothing a Butt load patients and the right diodes can't fix .

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