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Thread: Technics EPC-270c

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    Default Technics EPC-270c

    I've just recently found this MM in a bundle of stuff. I've never tried one, so is it any good. And, is this actually the original Tonar Diabolic C cartridge which has a little bit of a cult status?

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    Technics 270 is the same as Nagaoka 321, don't know about the Tonar.

    Nagaoka still makes styli for this cartridge, but they are bonded (the original EPC-270ED had a nude elliptical stylus).

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    I have one of the Tonar cartridges, rebodied in blackwood, with the plastic lip removed from the stylus assembly and the fluorescent dot too from the stylus tip.

    Actually sounds phenomenally good. Thomas Schick is charging about 400 for much the same thing in a headshell and a bargain at that.

    Nagaoka make the Tonar as well but not sure if it's the same as the Technics or just similar.


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    I had the same find some years ago. Bought a bonded elliptical from JICO for it and it made a big positive surprise. After that, i spread the rumour, and a friend friend swapped out his DL-304 for the 270c after some testing.

    Very underrated cartridge.

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