Is there any reason you looked at the node when you have a nice streamer in the pi ?

I have owned mine since they first were launched and it was my first experience of streaming; there was little else around apart from sonus at that time.

I have used pi's since they came out for various computing purposes so started using dacs with them as soon as reasonable software became available. Had I had a working pi streamer I would probably never have even looked at the node. That said i still like it and it fits well with my valve system. I have no issues with its dac and would certainly never consider adding another (dac) box to my system. In my view if the dac is not liked then go look at another item as there is no shortage of choice now.

I would say streamed music, including my own large library accounts for around 70% of my listening but I still have a good vinyl collection which is still being added to.

My 2 main systems are now based on Naim streamer/amps as I like the one box approach and the Naim amp character though its software could be much better.