I am based in Australia but have joined this forum after discovering that vast amount of knowledge experience, music diversity and wit on this and pink fish and wam forums
I fount The Art while researching Tannoy
looking back I have realized that all the speakers i have owned since the late seventies have been from Uk Acoustic Research, BBC Spendor Harbeth and Tannoy

the present players
Home System

Jays Audio CD mk 2 transport and Denafrips Aries Dac
Naim Nat 02 tuner
Luxman 507UX intergrated amp
Harbeth HL5 speakers

The Work System

MHZS tube cd player
Tom Evans The Vibe and Pulse pre amp
Dynavector HX 75 amp
Tannoy Arden HPD 15'

just taken delivery of a Pair of Tannoy Kensington s SE so will be asking advice on how best to use these with what I have or what amps will suit them better
will ask this in the amplification sub section
Greetings and thanks