Dear Alan, (Alan Brown from

I am so pleased to tell you that the LS XXV are exceeding now my expectations by a long shot.

You surely think I am crazy, but the performance of the cable it's night and day and it happened in the most dramatic twist. All along I had to work with speakers placement following the sound signature of the cable changing day after day. But the experience was dull no matter what and I can't deny I was already looking for solid alternatives.

This until yesterday, when I came home earlier from work, willing to make a decision if I had to keep your cables or not.

From cold I noticed the sound signatures changed again from Sunday and again I started playing with speakers placement (the room is a beast to handle, but I have a plenty of trial and error coming from many years of dipoles).

I knew there was something hiding, because I had some hints of very good sounds here and there depending om frequencies and instruments, and finally, by intuition, I separated the Mementos farther away than I could imagine, while keeping the standard toe-in and FINALLY the magic happened. I was nailed on the chair from that moment of disbelieve until late at night. Even my wife, whom professes herself as deaf to justify my still quite decent hearing, she had to admit that the result is hard evidence of the burn-in process.

Like many of your clients I have many moons under the belt with any sort of audio equipment and I keep myself in good shape attending as much live concerts time allows me, so I pretend to listen to music at my place, rather than reproduction of sounds, and I can share with you that today I am in the best place I have ever been.

No need to go in the silly details, the cables are as much alive as I can think is possible. I cannot ask for more.

So at the end, I'm grateful to you, Alan and Colin and who else is involved in the magic delivered with the LS-XXV and in fact, I wanted to share it in person over the phone today, but I only had a chance to leave a message on your answering machine.

Please, go ahead and send me over the XLR IC. Will do the same with your AES tomorrow or more probably this coming Monday.